Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

Svenska flaggan

10 tips for May

This is the period when night becomes day as the midnight sun lights up the sky. Snow is still in the mountains, the temperature is comfortable and the mosquitos are sleeping.

1. Adventures under the midnight sun

From the end of May to mid July, the sun never sets in Kiruna. The bright evenings and nights attract activities and excursions throughout the day. Perhaps you dare to leave your watch at home and take care of the extra energy that this magic light brings. Perhaps you want to accompany Ofelas icelandic horses on an adventure and experience the midnight sun from horseback?

2. A permanent ice experience

At the Torne river in Jukkasjärvi lies the world famous ICEHOTEL. Here you can experience snow and ice all year round at ICEHOTEL 365. Icehotel 365 accommodates Art Suites, Deluxe Suites, an ice gallery and Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi – all created by ice builders and artists from around the world. Sleep in minus degrees or try your hand at ice sculpting, whatever you choose – A summer visit to the ICEHOTEL 365 is a memory for life.

3. Become one with nature

Kiruna offers grand nature surroundings. Just a short day excursion will let you experience nature up close. Rent a car and head out along the roads, stop at any parking pocket and walk straight into the forest. Make a fire, enjoy some snacks, listen to the birds and just enjoy the serene atmosphere. Breath in and disconnect from your phone.

4. A city on wheels

The city transformation in Kiruna is noted both in Sweden and internationally – never before has such a large society been relocated. A number of buildings have already changed their address, and since the building are to be preserved, the houses are carefully rolled out on large trailers. An exciting sight for locals as well as visitors. Join a guided city tour where you will learn more about Kiruna’s history and future.

Foto: Jessica Nildén

5. The world’s largest underground iron-ore mine

Here in Kiruna much revolves around our mine. The guide will talk about modern mining and how it can cause a whole town to be moved. On Thursdays you can join the bus that goes straight from the tourist center down to the LKAB:s Visitor Centre at level 540 metres.

6. Meet the huskies

Dogsledding and winter kinda goes hand in hand. After lots of heavy work during the winter the dogs have “off season” during the summer. Imagine the entire bunch laying lazy under the midnight sun and resting. Come along to a husky kennel, meet the dogs, pet the puppies and learn more about life as a musher. If you want you can join a training session with the huskies pulling you on a cart instead of a sled. Or maybe you want take a nice stroll through the forest with some company from a husky?

7. Miessemánnu

An exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you when the reindeer herder meets you among hundreds of reindeer. Nutti Sámi Siida and Go to Lapland offers a unique opportunity to watch new-born reindeer calves taking their first steps. Receive first-hand information by reindeer herders who conduct reindeer husbandry as a lifestyle based on traditional Sámi knowledge.

Foto: Jessica Nildén

8. Lovely skiing

If you have not had enough of the winter, you can still experience high-class skiing in Sweden’s most legendary ski resort Riksgränsen. There are plenty of nice slopes that are hilly and windy. Besides the slopes there are countless easy-to-reach off-pist. Do not miss the cool skiing events held in Riksgränsen in May!

9. Walk the midnight sun trail

If you do not have a car or just want to go out to enjoy some nature and fresh air, the midnight sun trail is the best option for you. A short walk of about 15 minutes from the city center takes you to Camp Ripan where you can start your hike. The walk is extra nice to make the evening during the midnight sun. Stop at the top of Mount Luossavaara to enjoy the amazing view and don’t forget to take some awesome pictures.

10. Photograph the arctic wildlife

Skilled guides from Scandinavian Photoadventures will show you how to best use the camera to photograph the arctic culture, landscape and wildlife. The photo objects are chosen based on weather, interest and the Sámi eight seasons. You will look for animals such as moose, reindeer and birds, but if they don’t show up for the session you will still get amazing landscape pictures with you!


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