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Reindeer calf month

Renkalvsmånaden i maj med Go to Lapland

Spring- and summertime is coming with a lot of wonders in the nature! Miessemánnu is the Sámi reindeer calf month! Here is a real adventure to look forward to. In the spring and summer season, the sun never sets in Lapland. Everything comes to life for a short and hectic time. The snow releases its grip and life returns again. Now is the wonderful happening of the year. You can join and experience everything yourself.

During the month of May – Miessemánnu – you are invited to attend the most exclusive event and powerful experience of the year. You can closely and by yourself follow life’s greatest moments and wonderful miracles as the “red” reindeer calves are born and they take their first faltering steps. The event take place under the bright light of the midnight sun which makes the night an eternal day during a very intense time for both animals and nature here in the north.

It is reindeer herder with family who warmly welcome you. They guide you cautiously during the most joyous time of the reindeer herding year – the time when the small reindeer calves are born. You will be given access to ancient traditional knowledge managed by the Sami people – the reindeer herding people. You will get to know why the reindeer should have owner marks and how it is possible to mark the calves. You will find out why the reindeer then make a long migration west to reach the high mountains into Norway and much more of course. For example, how you become acquainted with the northernmost region’s most durable, most beautiful and most talked about animals – the reindeer. It is during these exciting spring summer weeks the result of this year’s work can be summed up.

It is with great expectation all reindeer herders look forward seeing how many reindeer calves are born. It is the time of light, happiness and hope for everyone! Few are privileged to be so near and in place to see this themselves. Don’t miss this opportunity!