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200 km north of the Arctic Circle, you will experience contrasts from Northern Lights to the midnight sun, the highest mountain in Sweden to the world's largest underground iron-ore mine, ancient Sámi culture to an ongoing city transformation.


Welcome to Kiruna - come and share our everyday lives, which are far from ordinary.


Some say we have four seasons, but the Sámi people have taught us there are actually eight. The climate and seasons are very important to the Sámi people for their reindeer herding.

Our eight seasons


Kiruna is unique. If you follow our latitude, 68° N, around the world, you’ll discover that it runs through uninhabited wilderness on much of the globe.

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Are you planning to visit Kiruna but are a little unsure when? Kiruna has a lot to offer in all seasons. Here you get a short guide to the months in Kiruna as a little help in your planning.

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The world's largest underground iron-ore mine

LKAB's Visitor Centre

The mine in Kiruna is the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine. It is a fascinating operation where the ore is mined far below the surface using remotely operated machines and driverless trains. One of the best attractions in Sweden, the LKAB’s Visitor Centre, is located here – a show mine that the Lonely Planet international guide book gave its highest rating.

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The Arctic summer

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30 June - 2 July 2022


The northernmost and brightest summer festival in Scandinavia! When other festivals rig stage lights, we light the midnight sun. When other city festivals set up their stages in front of a shopping center, we have the Kebnekaise massif as a festival backdrop. The Kiruna Festival is a unique festival experience with three days of joy and fellowship. As a result of the ongoing city transformation in Kiruna, the festival 2022 will be the last festival in the old city center.

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Kiruna festival in midnight sun

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When you travel to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, you also travel to a part of the Arctic and get to experience our Arctic lifestyle. The great distances and the harsh climate have created a very special lifestyle, centered around nature and the seasons. Planning the trip well in advance gives you the best conditions to enjoy your stay here.

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