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Polar Sunrise Eco Experience

Jullebovägen 2, Kiruna
Snowdog polar sunrice eco experience
Snowdog polar sunrice eco experience

Polar Sunrise Eco Experience


Driving the sled – 2 persons share one sled.

Experience the remarkable crystallised pastel colours of Lapland, amazing, breathtaking and vibrant. An experience made quintessential when coupled with a fantastically strong, cuddly and beautiful team of Alaskan Huskies. A morning never to be forgotten.

Our Sled Dog Kennel is approx 17km outside the main tourist centre of Kiruna. We will collect you from your hotel and bring you to our Husky Kennel, only a few kilometres from the world-famous Ice Hotel and Torn River. Our Husky trails are outside the main tourist areas, so it is rare we should see anyone else except the occasional Reindeer. First, we will ensure you are dressed warmly enough for the cold weather.
Our guides will show you around the kennel and explain a little about our huskies. We like to let everyone get involved if they want, and that helps you get to know your super friendly Husky team before we head out into the frozen Lappish wilderness.

During the trip, you are fully responsible for looking after your new husky friends and in return, they will give you an amazing experience and display of raw k9 husky power! We will be on hand to help if you get into a tricky situation, so don’t worry about a thing, just enjoy.

During your Dog Sledding tour, we will take you through shiny silken snowfields, across expansive outstretched frozen swamps, rivers, lakes and into ethereal snow-covered forests. We will stop on a few occasions to let you change drivers and take some photographs.

All of our guides are well versed at capturing a nice picture and they will wherever possible try to take a few excellent images, which you can have free of charge to remember your dog sledding adventure in Lapland. Sometimes we will make short video clips and upload them when we have time. Either way, you will receive some memorable snaps of your time with the husky sled dogs. However please note that dog sledding, weather and tour experiences can be somewhat unpredictable at times and it’s sometimes not possible to catch the pictures we would like to, and sometimes it’s just not possible, but we try!

When we arrive back at our husky camp, you can thank your husky team by giving them a tasty chunk of raw meat, which they love. You will be able to warm up in our fire hut and enjoy some tea and snacks! If we have time left before departure, you are free to take more pictures of the dogs and play around with them.