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In Kiruna, there are Arctic experiences all year round. Here you will find exciting adventures during the winter months that offer dancing northern lights and summer months with endless sunlight.

From polar night to warm spring sun

Winter & Spring

Expand your travel palette and experience a real winter with us. A winter filled with powdery, chalk-white snow, magical silence and starry nights. A winter that begins with crisp dry cold and ends with the strong rays of the spring sun that awaken nature by shining day and night. In our Arctic paradise you will find endlessly varied activities, winter months that offer the Arctic blue light, crackling northern lights that dance across the sky and towards the end of the winter season even the midnight sun.

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Foto: Jessica Nildén
Visit the world's largest underground iron-ore mine

LKAB's Visitor Centre

The mine in Kiruna is the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine. It is a fascinating operation where the ore is mined far below the surface using remotely operated machines and driverless trains. One of the best attractions in Sweden, the LKAB’s Visitor Centre, is located here – a show mine that the Lonely Planet international guide book gave its highest rating.

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In the eye of the world

City transformation

The urban transformation in Kiruna is receiving attention both in Sweden and internationally - it is the most radical, urban relocation project that has ever been carried out. The reason is that land deformations due to the mining affect the city, which means that parts of Kiruna must be rebuilt on new land. The city transformation is now in an operational phase and the new city center will be inaugurated in late 2022.

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Foto: Jessica Nildén
From midnight sun to northern lights

Summer & Autumn

With days without nights, it is easy to be attracted to late nights and excursions during all hours of the day. It is difficult to avoid when summer begins to give way to autumn. The air gets high and forest land and mountain slopes are painted in dramatic colors. During the autumn, there is also a great chance to experience the most beautiful and strongest northern lights.

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