Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Find your adventure

In Kiruna, there are Arctic experiences all year round. Here you will find exciting adventures during the winter months that offer dancing northern lights and summer months with endless sunlight.

Arctic experiences year round

A summer with endless days, a colourful autumn, a winter with powder-thick snow or the warmth of the spring sun?


From midnight sun to northern lights. With endless days, it is easy to be attracted to late nights and excursions during all hours of the day. In autumn the air gets high and nature is painted in dramatic colors. During the autumn, there is also a great chance to experience the most beautiful and strongest northern lights.

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Jonas Hansen

A sustainable place

Kiruna is in the middle of an area surrounded by great natural beauty. Kiruna is known for its preserved natural and cultural landscape, majestic mountains, glaciers, several unregulated national rivers and over 6000 lakes. With sustainable choices, you can help protect the destination's nature, landscapes and cultures.

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Kiruna is the Arctic Capital of Swedish Lapland


From polar night to the warm spring sun. A winter filled with powdery, chalk-white snow, magical silence and starry nights. A winter that ends with the strong rays of the spring sun that awaken nature by shining day and night. Winter months that offer the Arctic blue light, crackling northern lights and exciting activities.

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The Arctic light

Norrsken på hösten i Kiruna

Northern lights

When the northern lights dance, we stop and look up at the sky. Kiruna's location within the northern lights oval provides fantastic opportunities to see the northern lights from September to the end of March.

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Det blå ljuset under polarnatten i Kiruna


Kaamos means darkness in Finnish. But despite the name, the polar night is not completely dark and gloomy. Moonlight, northern lights, beautiful sky colours, as well as the so-called blue hour that can only be experienced in the Arctic.

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Sol på natten i Kiruna Pär Johansson

Midnight sun

The period of the midnight sun is the opposite of the polar night. Here, the sun shines around the clock and wraps the mountains, flora and waterways in a warm and welcoming light. More hours for adventure!

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The world's largest underground iron ore mine

LKAB's Visitor Centre

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In the eye of the world

City transformation

The urban transformation in Kiruna is receiving attention both in Sweden and internationally - it is the most radical, urban relocation project that has ever been carried out. The reason is that land deformations due to the mining affect the city, which means that parts of Kiruna must be rebuilt on new land. The city transformation is now in an operational phase and the new city center will be inaugurated in late 2022.

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Foto: Jessica Nildén

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