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Svenska flaggan

Summer & Autumn

Summer offers days without nights and it is easy to be attracted to late evenings and excursions during all hours of the day. In autumn, the air becomes crispy and nature is painted in dramatic colors.

Giđđageassi — Spring Summer

In June, the magical light of the midnight sun can be seen in all parts of Kiruna. The spring becomes pre-summer, or spring-summer, and nature turns green almost overnight. This time of year marks the beginning of the hiking and biking season, although snow can last throughout June in the mountains, and we switch the ice-fishing rod for a spinning rod, or fly-fishing rod. For the reindeer, June is the start of a much longed-for, tranquil time.

Paths, trails and roads that take you out into the countryside


In and around Kiruna there are high mountains where the snow remains like icing on the tops and reminds you of the latitude that you are at. There are deep valleys where reindeer graze and eagles circle high above. There are hiking options that will suit most people, from beginners, those who wish to stretch their legs for a couple of hours, to advanced week-long hikes with camping in uncharted terrain.

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Visit the world's largest underground iron-ore mine

LKAB's Visitor Centre

The mine in Kiruna is the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine. It is a fascinating operation where the ore is mined far below the surface using remotely operated machines and driverless trains. One of the best attractions in Sweden, the LKAB’s Visitor Centre, is located here – a show mine that the Lonely Planet international guide book gave its highest rating.

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Foto: Hooké
In the land of the midnight sun

World class fishing

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Geassi — Summer

In June/July the eagerly awaited warmth arrives and it’s finally summer in Kiruna. This is a time to enjoy a dip in a mirrored lake or cool your tired feet in a merry mountain stream. For the Sámi communities, summer is a hectic time of year. The reindeer have continued up onto the high mountains to escape insects and heat and the calves are rounded up for branding. This is an important event of the Sámi year, which involves both hard work and the opportunity to socialise with members of the Sámi community.

Scenial bathing places

Cooling dips

During the warm days, it can be nice to sunbathe and cool off with a swim. In Kiruna there are many nice natural swimming spots and here we recommend some of them!

Scenial bathing places

Summer packages

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100 days without nights

Midnight sun

Swedish Lapland is a world full of contrasts, colors and light. Summer and the midnight sun, also called polar day, are the opposite of the polar night. Here the sun shines around the clock and wraps mountains, flora and streams in a warm and welcoming light. Days without nights give more hours for adventure!

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Čakčageassi — Autumn Summer

In August comes autumn-summer. Berries and mushrooms ripen and we fill our larders and freezers with all the goodness of nature to keep us through the long winter. The evenings and nights begin to darken, insects disappear and nature changes colour in the mountains. If you’re hiking, you’re rewarded with beautiful scenery all around. The autumn-summer is an important time for the reindeer to eat everything that nature offers and build up their fat reserve and muscle mass in preparation for the approaching winter.

Summer with children

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Čakča – Autumn

And then autumn arrives, in September-October. The sun is high and it can be nice and warm during the day, even if the clear air tells us it’s autumn. The northern lights return to Kiruna in September, dancing in the sky during clear nights. Despite the frosty nights there are still mushrooms and berries available, at least in the beginning of September. Autumn is also hunting time, with the traditional elk hunt taking place in Kiruna. Autumn is another hectic time for Sámi reindeer herders. The reindeer mostly graze in the low mountains and towards the middle of September, just before they rut, it’s time to slaughter the steers, and any calves missed during summer are branded.

The dancing light phenomenon

Aurora Borealis

There’s a major chance that you’ll experience the strongest, most beautiful northern lights in autumn. When darkness begins to grow, before the white snow settles on the ground, the northern lights and the stars take over the heavens. In the mountains, in the forest or nearby the city, no matter where you watch the show, to see the northern lights is a moving experience – as it’s been since time immemorial.

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The mosquito free season

11 tips for autumn fun

In the middle of July we thank the midnight sun for the bright summer days. In August, the darkness begins to creep in, the temperature drops and with the blink of an eye autumn is here and our grand destination is adorned by the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves. Autumn up here is truly a colour spectacle, especially when the northern lights makes its entrance and illuminates the sky. Here are our eleven best tips on activities during the autumn here in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

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