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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Scenial bathing places

During the warm days it can be nice to sunbathe and cool down with a bath. In Kiruna there are many swimming places close to nature, here we have listed a couple recommendations!


10km from Kiruna about 15 minutes by car  is Kurravaara village. When you arrive to the village you drive straight forward in the three-way road junction, in the direction of the water. On the right side there will be a small parking place. Go to the back side of the homestead, past the barbecue area and down to the small beach. Getting here.


Our own arctic playa where you bathe directly in the Torne river. Here you find a small and well-kept sand beach which is perfect for families with kids. The water is shallow far out and therefore it is a little bit warmer in the shallower parts. Getting here.

This may be one of the warmest places for a bath in Kiruna. The small stream is shallow and suits even younger kids. There is also a place where you can make a fire. It is very limited with parking places so keep that in mind. Getting here.

Magdalena Lindholm



This bathing spot is a bit of a hidden gem. From Kiruna you drive south along the E-10. Take a left turn in the road junction towards Jukkasjärvi. Immediately after you take a right turn towards Poikkijärvi. After a couple kilometers you take a left turn onto Myllyjärvivägen and continue until you see the tiny beach on the left side. Getting here.

From Kiruna you drive south along the E-10. Make a left turn in the road junction towards Jukkasjärvi. Immediately after you take a right turn towards Poikkijärvi. After a couple kilometers you make a left turn to Mary Frantz väg. You will quickly see a stone beach in connection to the lake. Park your car and get into the water. Getting here.

This is a great place for a swim in the Torne river and a favourite among locals. A wonderful sand beach to sunbathe on between the cold swims in the river. From Kiruna you drive south along the E-10. Take a left turn in the road junction towards Jukkasjärvi. Immediately after you make a right turn in the junction to Poikkijärvi and continue towards the cemetery. You get to the beach by walking past the cemetery. Getting here.

In the mountains:


From Kiruna you drive along the E-10 in the direction to Narvik. After about 106km, past Björkliden, you make a right turn to the Tornehamn resting area. From there you can walk to the small headland. It is a small stone beach and you bathe directly in Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake – Torneträsk. Expect the water to be cold. Getting here.


113 kilometers in the norh direction of Kiruna is Björkliden located. Park your car next to the hotel and then it is a short hike, about 1km, to get to the small bath-lake. The lake is small and shallow, which also makes it a bit warmer in the summer than other places. Perfect for a family with kids that wants to take a cooling swim. . Getting here.

Follow the trail behind the hotel in Björkliden until you arrive to the stream, then you continue down streams. Cross the second bridge to the southern side and go directly up streams towards the waterfall. Below the waterfall is a small pool that you can bathe in. In the late summer, a bit further down the stream you can find a small stone island where you can lay in the sun and splash around in the water. Rákkasjohka runs out into Torneträsk. On the beach by the waterfall there is a stone beach with perfect stones for stone-skipping. If you do not want to walk from the hotel, there is a parking space along the E-10 before the entrance to Björkliden. The water depth changes during the season and it can be big waves on stormy days. If that is the case, bathing is not advised. Getting here.

Where the dip is the goal!

Kratersjön – 2,5km
Starting from the hotel in Björkliden, awaits a 2,5km easy hike to Kratersjön. There are beautiful views along the way and when you arrive to the lake, there is a wind shelter and nice stone slabs where you can eat your lunch and enjoy the sun.

Katterjaure – 3km
You start in Katterjåkk or Riksgränsen. From Katterjåkk it is approximately a 3km hike through the wonderful mountain landscape. Follow the stream until you reach the lake. Here there are many nice places to put up a tent, enjoy some lunch and of course a enjoy a swim in the lake.

Rissajávri – 6km
A hike through the stone valley Kärkevagge that was formed by the ice sheet. Start your hike by the Låkta station. Here you can take a swim in Sweden’s clearest lake and eat your lunch on some of the giant boulders.

Laddjujávri – 5,6km
A simple hike through the mountain birch forest. Perfect for someone who wants to cool down in the glacier lake and enjoy the classic reindeer burger. You start from Nikkaluokta.


The bathing places that are described here are quite cold. All bathing is on your own risk and by your own judgement. Keep an eye on your children and avoid rivers/Torneträsk during windy days. Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly.

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