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Paths, trails and roads that take you out into the countryside. A hike in Kiruna can mean so much. It is a journey for your senses as well as a physical journey towards a geographical goal.

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s largest municipality to the surface with a rich natural and cultural landscape with a fascinating biological diversity. Here you will find Sweden’s highest mountain massif Kebnekaise, the easily accessible Abisko National Park and the well-photographed Lapporten. From the drama of the high mountain areas, two national parks, large protected areas of primeval forest, exciting fauna and two of the country’s largest unregulated rivers, there are almost endless opportunities for hiking. In the city of Kiruna, which is one of Sweden’s high-tech hubs on the border of the tundra landscape, you will find the shopping needed to supplement your equipment and provisions before you embark on your adventure.

Sweden's highest mountain

Climb Kebnekaise in the summer

Many people dream of adventures and challenges, and climbing Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise, is just that. Although the climb is relatively easy, it is a challenge that requires both preparation and knowledge.

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High mountains and deep valleys

Here are large natural areas that are untouched and are unique in a European perspective. Leave behind everyday life, stress and life in the cities and head out into roadless country. Choose between hiking on iconic trails such as the King’s trail to long distances in solitude along Nordalsleden. Or why not make a pilgrimage in the eastern part of the destination? You can hike along marked trails or with more experience head out into pathless land. No matter where you walk, you are in one of Europe’s last wildernesses, which is also an old cultural landscape with a rich history and which the Sámi today, among other things, conduct reindeer husbandry. Walk day and night, as summer is a period without nights that bathe in the light of the midnight sun.

Multiday hiking

Longer adventure with local guides

Majestic, ever-changing scenery

No matter where you choose to hike, you will experience clear lakes, rivers and jocks with clean water that you can fill your cup with and drink or take a dip in. The high mountains have snow on the peaks during the summers and welcome hikers for a fantastic view to animals seeking coolness in the summer heat and protection from mosquitoes. The valleys are filled with mountain flowers, grazing reindeer and eagles sailing high above you. Hike alone where you enjoy the adventure, still unexplored areas and the amazing nature or end up with like-minded explorers and maybe you will find new friends on your journey. A great joy is to enjoy the fresh mountain air, it turns stress into peace, tranquility, creativity and inspiration to everyday life that awaits when you come home again.

The midnight sun trail

A nearby hike

If you are in Kiruna and quickly want to go out to enjoy some nature and fresh air, this is the optimal hike for you. Starting at Camp Ripan, about 7 minutes walk from the center, follow the trail up on the city mountain Luossavaara.

Midnight sun trail
Three countries in three seconds

Three country cairn

Visit the world's northermost tripoint and one of Swedens extremes. The three country cairn borders on Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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