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Svenska flaggan

Midnight sun trail

A hike close to the city that starts a stone's throw from Kiruna center. The trail takes you through lush mountain birch forest up on the city mountain for a magnificent 360 degree view.

If you do not have a car or just want to go out to enjoy some nature and fresh air, this hike is a great option for you. The trail, about 4,3km, starts at Camp Ripan. Follow the path until you have passed under the bridge. From there the signs are easier to find and the trail continues through the mountain birch forest before the terrain changes above the tree level on the city mountain Luossavaara. The trail is marked with wooden signs with a sun symbol and a text marked with “Midnattssolstigen”.

The trail is easy to hike and many locals come here during their free time. It is also a perfect trail running environment.

Before the hike continues uphill you can drink water from a cold spring. Through the steepest part of the trail it is springs and stairs to walk on. When you reach the tree level you will enjoy a 360-degree view. First, you will be able to view the area where the new city center is built. You will also have a view over the village Jukkasjärvi where the famous ICEHOTEL is located.

Depending on what time of the day and season you hike, you will be amazed by the lights and colors. It shifts beautifully every hour and throughout the season. Bring a small backpack filled with “Swedish Fika” and warm clothes with you. Find your own place on the mountain to enjoy the horizon, the mountains, the silence and the beauty.

Soon you will approach the top and here you can see traces from the period when they were extracting iron-ore from the mountain. You will see the day pit, which is no longer used, except for buzzards and crows that find shelter and enjoy the warm mountain cliffs. The mountain itself is nowadays used as a recreation area for winter- and summer sports.

As the journey continues to the front of the mountain, you will see the city and roads. In the valley, you will see Husky Lodge, where you can stay surrounded by sled dogs and mountain birches. The road takes you to the western mountains and further on to Narvik.

After a while, you will pass a small road that takes you up to the very top of the mountain. Here is an opportunity to follow it to the top and have a nice view over the city Kiruna. The trail itself continues a bit below the top on the other side of the road. In clear weather, you can look out to Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise.

At the end of the trail, at the foot of the mountain, you find Café Sport. Here you can enjoy their tasty waffle buffet before heading back to the starting point. Don’t forget to check out their opening hours in advance.

One recommendation is to hike this trail during nighttime at the end of May to the end of July to experience the Midnight Sun. It is a special feeling and energy being outdoors in the bright night. You can also bike big parts of the trail, but not all the way due to the stairs.

When hiking during winter, snowshoes are recommended as there can be a lot of snow. You can rent the snowshoes on site at Camp Ripan.

The trail is easy to hike and suitable for all ages, but it is moderately demanding physically. Benches are placed along the trail. Count on 1,5-2,5 hours for the hike.

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