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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Sustainable Kiruna

Kiruna is in the middle of an area surrounded by a natural beauty. It is rather a big area with untouched nature where Sámi reindeer herding and outdoor activities operate side by side.

Your nature friendly adventure

The municipality of Kiruna is the northernmost and by area the biggest municipality in Sweden. The destination is famous for a preserved nature- and culture landscape, majestic mountains, glaciers, many unregulated national rivers and more than 6000 lakes. In Kiruna you can find Kebnekaise the highest mountain in Sweden, two national parks and a protected primeval forest with unique surroundings with enthralling fauna. It is 26% of the municipality area and about 11% of all the protected nature in Sweden that you can find here.

Thanks to the right of public access, everyone have the right to stay in the nature, even in sensitve areas that are protected by national parks, nature reservs or Natura 2000 areas. The right of public access is built on a long term respect for the nature and the wilderness. Kiruna Lapland works to protect nature, landscapes and cultures in the long term; what can be experienced today must be preserved for future generations and contribute to the well-being of the planet. It is a priority to work in this way both for the sake of the local population and visitors.

Certification of a sustainable destination

Sustainable Arctic Destination

With the aim of giving companies in the hospitality industry the tools needed to grow and develop in a sustainable direction, Kiruna Lapland has developed the Sustainable Arctic Destination certification system. Our long-term ambition is for the majority of companies in the local hospitality industry to be certified and for Kiruna to develop into a leading destination in green and sustainable tourism.

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Sustainable Arctic Destination

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Travel sustainably

Sustainability labels

Here we have listed some of the sustainability labels you may come across during your stay in Kiruna.


Sápmi Experienceis is a quality mark within the Sami hospitality industry where quality, sustainability, safety and credibility are the keywords.


The Nordics' official ecolabel that sets tough environmental and climate requirements for various product categories, and thus contributes to more sustainable development



The label assures guests that the product or service they purchase has been produced using environmentally, economically and socially responsible practices.

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An industry organization that, under Slow Food's slogan Good, Clean and Fair food, works to develop and take care of Sami food and the Sami's right to food sovereignty.

Slow Food Sápmi


Natures Best is a quality mark for responsible experiential tourism in nature in Sweden. What is internationally often called ecotourism.

Natures Best


Airport Carbon Accreditation is a program to measure and grade how airports work to reduce climate impact.



The Green Key is the largest global eco-certification for accommodation. An accommodation or conference facility eco-labeled with Green Key works actively to minimize its environmental impact.

The Green Key


The EU Ecolabel is the EU's environmental labeling system that helps European consumers choose environmentally friendly products and services.

EU Ecolabel


KRAV is a national environmental label for food that indicates organically produced goods, without unnatural chemical pesticides and without artificial fertilizers.


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