Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Kiruna Lapland Economic Association

About Kiruna Lappland

Kiruna Lappland is the local marketing organization (DMO) and works to develop the hospitality industry in the destination Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. We are a member-owned economic association and function as an umbrella organization for most tourism companies, as well as for many other companies in Kiruna municipality. We work to increase awareness of the destination, nationally and internationally, in order to increase the number of visitors to Kiruna in the long term. We represent Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and our member companies when we participate in various fairs, workshops and events. We create media interest and take care of the press who want to visit Kiruna and write about our world-famous attractions, natural and cultural heritage.

In addition to this, Kiruna Lappland is also involved in regional and national projects with our members and we operate the only authorized tourist center in the municipality.

Kiruna Lapland Economic Association

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Right now, both the city of Kiruna and the brand Kiruna in Swedish Lapland are undergoing an exciting development. We build and improve to become a more attractive and sustainable destination. As a member of Kiruna Lapland, you are on the journey and also have the opportunity to influence our direction of travel.

Read more in our membership brochure to see how membership benefits you and your business.

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Kiruna Lappland Tourist Center

We help you plan your visit to our Arctic destination. We are happy to recommend a suitable accommodation, exciting activity or a restaurant to your taste. Welcome to contact us!

Tourist Center

Sustainable Arctic Destination

With the aim of giving companies in the hospitality industry the tools needed to grow and develop in a sustainable direction, Kiruna Lapland has developed the Sustainable Arctic Destination certification system.

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Member companies

Kiruna Lapland Economic Association has member companies mainly in the tourism industry, but also members from other industries who wish to support the hospitality industry in Kiruna municipality. Here you see a list of all our members.

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