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Kiruna Lapland Economic Association

About Kiruna Lappland

Kiruna Lappland is the local marketing organization (DMO) and works to develop the hospitality industry in the destination Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. We are a member-owned economic association and function as an umbrella organization for most tourism companies, as well as for many other companies in Kiruna municipality.

Kiruna Lappland consists of three parts

  • Kiruna Lapland Tourist Center
  • Marketing department
  • Other business activities


We at Kiruna Lappland Tourist Center welcome you who want to come here or who are already on site through a personal meeting at the reception or an answer to your phone call and your e-mail questions. With us you can book fun, educational and exciting activities and transports. We are happy to give you recommendations on places to visit, places to eat or suitable accommodation for your stay.

The marketing department works to increase awareness of the destination, nationally and internationally, in order to increase the number of visitors to Kiruna in the long term. We represent Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and our member companies when we participate in various fairs, workshops and events. We create media interest and take care of the press who want to visit Kiruna and write about our world-famous attractions, natural and cultural heritage.

In the marketing department, we also work on various projects together with our member companies. Among other things, the EU project “Business Capacity Development in Swedish Lapland”, which is a regional collaboration project that aims to create increased growth in the region’s small and medium-sized hospitality companies.

In addition to this, Kiruna Lappland is also involved in several regional and national projects with our members. For example: Business Capacity Development in Swedish Lapland, Visit Arctic Europe,…

We welcome you to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland!

"Our vision is to be the most sustainable and welcoming arctic destination in the world"

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Get in touch with the tourist center or the staff at Kiruna Lappland.


Lars Janssonsgatan 17

SE-981 31 Kiruna

European union
Swedish Lapland