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When you travel to Kiruna, you also travel to a part of the Arctic and get to experience our Arctic lifestyle. The great distances and the harsh climate have created a very special lifestyle, centered around nature and the seasons.

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By train

The sustainable option. If you travel from Stockholm, you can choose to sleep a part of the trip on board Vy’s night train which has two departures daily.

Travel by train

By plane

Fly from Stockholm to Kiruna in 90 minutes. In the winter season 21/22 there is a direct flight from Stuttgart to Kiruna as well. Information on Kiruna Airport and airport bus.

Travel by plane

By bus or car

Traveling through Sweden’s various landscapes and natural habitats is exciting. For those traveling from Stockholm to Kiruna, it can be a distance of over 1 300 kilometers.

Travel by bus or car
Direct flights with Eurowings winter of 2022/2023

From Düsseldorf to Kiruna

From December 2022, Eurowings will operate both Kiruna and Luleå Airport with a direct route from Düsseldorf. The direct flight between Kiruna and Düsseldorf runs in both directions every Saturday from 24 December 2022 to 25 March 2023..

DUS - KRN 06.40-09.40
KRN - DUS 10.25-13.35

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Travel to the mountains and across the borders

A sustainable journey

Sleep well, eat good food and shop local!

Niehku i Riksgränsen


There is a varied selection when it comes to overnight stays in Kiruna. Hot and cold, large and small, rustic or comfortable hotel standard.

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Ät gott i Kiruna


In the Kiruna area, nature and food experiences are happily and often combined. No matter what attracts your senses, we offer a wide variety of fine ingredients.

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In Kiruna there are shops with handicrafts, leisure equipment and clothing. Buying a souvenir for them back home is for many both a fun and an important part of the trip.

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