Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Clothing for your arctic adventure

Being properly dressed for the arctic environment is key to being able to enjoy all the fantastic experiences in Kiruna to the fullest.

When planning your visit here, you should think in terms of the layer principle. The idea behind wearing several layers of clothing is that air spaces are formed between the layers. These air spaces serve to both insulate and ventilate. Avoid cotton clothing, since cotton binds moisture and therefore has the effect of chilling you instead of warming. Additional clothing such as warm overalls, warm shoes or boots, hat and mitts should always be a part of your stay in Kiruna.

A good hat is essential. It should protect not only the head but also the ears and neck. Gloves should give good protection to the hands while at the same time allowing adequate freedom of movement and feel. Choose footwear that is somewhat larger than normal to allow space for socks and/or insoles. This result in a warming air layer inside the shoe or boot to keep you warm for longer.

Additional clothing is used at very low temperatures. A down jacket or a thick fleece or wool sweater serves as an effective extra garment.

Base layer; the layer nearest to the body needs to transport moisture away. Choose underwear in a synthetic material, wool or a wool mix.

Mid-layer; the purpose of the mid-layer is to reinforce and regulate heat insulation and transport moisture away. Fleece, preferably windproof, makes an excellent mid-layer.

Outer shell; the purpose of the outer shell is to provide protection against wet and wind in combination with the other layers. The material should breathe and permit full freedom of movement.

Most companies provide warm clothing for outdoor activities, but make sure you are dressed properly anyway.

Clothing for your arctic adventure