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Kiruna municipality is Sweden's largest municipality in terms of area and it borders to both Finland and Norway. From high mountains in the northwest to deep forests in the east, there are many small destinations to discover.

Meeting place by the water


With origins from the 17th century, Jukkasjärvi is one of the oldest villages in Norrbotten. The location at Torne river, near the lake Sautusjärvi, was a strategic starting point for fishing as well as trade. Today Jukkasjärvi is also home to the world's first and largest icehotel.

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Where the road ends


Nikkaluokta is located where the three valleys Vistasvagge, Ladtjovagge and Kalixälven’s lakes meet at Sweden’s most powerful high mountain area. The village is located where the public road ends and the mountain trails begin.

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A place for light experiences


The village’s northern Sámi name Ábeskovvu means “the forest by the great water”, where “the great water” refers to Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake Torneträsk. Here lies Abisko National Park which is 7700 hectares, the beautiful and easily accessible mountain Njullá and Abiskojåkka that flow through the valley, Abisko is also the starting point for the world-famous King’s Trail.

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The villages in the forest landscape

East Kiruna

​​​​​In Kiruna municipality there are around 50 villages. The distance from highways, congestion and dense buildings. Different than the cities pulse and the everyday squirrel wheel. The area offers rich wildlife and forests, low mountains and marshes. The seclusion is obvious. But, of course, it's a little off track. That's kind of the point.

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