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Kiruna, a city in transformation. The city's name originates from the Northern Sámi word Giron, which means mountain grouse.

Old city centre in Kiruna, photo: Jessica Nildén

Kiruna counts 1900 as the birth year of the city. The city was founded by LKAB’s first manager Hjalmar Lundbohm, he was a geologist with a strong cultural interest and his vision was that Kiruna would become a model community. Lundbohm enlisted the help of Sweden’s foremost experts in architecture and community planning. One of these experts was the urban planner P O Hallman who gave Kiruna a climate-adapted urban plan, the first in the country. The city was built to stand well against the wind and with a view and proximity to the mining mountain Kiirunavaara.

Right now, a city transformation is ongoing in Kiruna, which means that about a third of the city and about 6,000 people are affected.

Two centers

Today we are talking about “the Old Center” and “the New Center”. When you visit our old center today, you will notice that large parts are cordoned off as these houses will begin to be demolished in 2023. Light installations and art in shop windows bring a little life to the old city center that is emptied. It is a special feeling to walk in the old center when darkness falls on, as it is black in all apartment windows and business premises. Remaining in the old center are some accommodation facilities and a few restaurants. Camp Ripan has a cafe for those who fancy a coffee.

Today, there are not many shops left, most have moved into the new city center, which was inaugurated on 1 September 2022. There you will also find the tourist center, Scandic hotel, the town hall, grocery stores, restaurants, cafés, etc. During the next year, more people will move out to the new city center, as soon as the quarters and premises are ready.

In the eye of the world

A city in transformation

The city transformation in Kiruna is in full swing. In the fall of 2022, the new Kiruna center was inaugurated and the work to empty the old center core has begun. Join a guided tour or go on a QR walking tour on your own to learn more about Kiruna's history, architecture and city transformation.

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Sights in Kiruna city

Don't miss these gems when exploring the city!


Luossavaara ski hill

Kiruna's city mountain and ski slope during the winter. From the top of the mountain you get a fantastic view of Kiruna city, the mine and the mountains.

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LKAB:s Visitor Centre Kiruna

LKAB´s Visitor Centre

Join us on a tour of the world's largest and most modern underground iron ore mine. The guide talks about modern mining and how this can make an entire town move.

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Kiruna kyrka i vinterskrud

Kiruna Church

Once voted as Sweden's most beautiful building built before 1950. The church will be closed for visits from 3 June 2024 in preparation for the move in 2025.

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Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården interiör

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården

The second building in Kiruna and LKAB's first manager's residential building. Today there is a café, shop and a museum with free entrance.

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Kristallen och Konstmuseet i Norr Kiruna

Kin museum of contemporary art

Pay a visit to Kiruna's new town hall and the Norrbotten county art museum. The County Art Museum produces exhibitions of contemporary art, offers a wide range of public programs and creative activities.

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Samegården i Kiruna


A small museum with exhibitions and information about Sámi culture. Open Monday-Friday 07.00-15.00. Closed for lunch 12.00-13.00.

Stay & Eat

Kiruna municipality has 23,000 inhabitants, of which approx. 18,000 live in central Kiruna. The rest live in one of the 50 villages in the municipality. With its approx. 20,000 km², Kiruna municipality is larger in surface area than 50 of the world’s countries. That gives us almost one square kilometer per person to live on.

Shopping in Kiruna

Buy food, local crafts and outdoor gear

Hike in the nearby area of Kiruna

Excursions close to nature available all year round

The Sami, Torne vally and Swedish cultures have lived side by side in Kiruna for a long time and the municipality is an administrative area for three minority languages; Sami (Northern Sami), Finnish and Meänkieli. Did you know that it is tradition to put a broom in front of the front door to signal that you are not at home. Despite access to mobile phones, this is still something that is used among local residents, especially out in the villages.

Guided activities in Kiruna

These activities include transfers from Kiruna city

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Tourist center

At Kiruna Lappland's authorized tourist center we help you plan your days in our arctic destination. On site with us, you can also book activities, buy train tickets, hunting and fishing licenses, leave your luggage and more.

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