Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Hiking to Aptasvaara

Nearby the Kiruna city center, you find the nature reserve Aptasvaare Fjällurskog which is a unique area in Europe with an unaffected forest ecosystem. An easy hike where a fantastic view of Kiruna city awaits as a reward.

The 3.3-kilometer long trail up to Aptasvaara has become a local favorite. On the way up you will pass three peaks: Alanen, Keskinen, and Ylinen with a height of 615 meters above sea level. The trail goes through beautiful old mountain forests with unaffected forest ecosystems.

The level of the hike is moderate, a 6,6 kilometers round trip, allow yourself to take 2-3 hours for the tour. The trail is unmarked, but during summer time it is a clear trail you can follow all the way up to the top. The trail is not technically difficult. The wettest parts of the trail are sponges. During winter time, you could see a trail made of snowshoeing and skis. But after a snowfall, the trail could be gone. Carry a map and compass with you.

You can hike in light hiking shoes or trail running shoes. If it has rained a lot, some parts may be wet at the beginning of the trail. When you get up to the first peak, you have a great view towards Jukkasjärvi, the Torne river and at the far end you can see the eye-catching mountain Vittangivaara.

After coming up on the first mountain, the rise will level out and you can catch your breath. The second mountain is not as steep as the first one. In the valleys, you will see a different type of vegetation, it will be mire and during autumn you can find an eat cloudberries.

Soon you will arrive at the last part of the trail, up to the third and highest mountain top Aptasvaara. The forest will end and you will see a 360-degree panoramic view. From here you can see Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise, Kiruna, the iron ore mine, wild untouched wilderness, the Torne river and many lakes.

It can be very beautiful to start the tour early in the morning and meet the sunrise. Between the periods May 25 to July 16 it is midnight sun and it is lovely to hike up late in the evening and enjoy the light during the night. Bring warm clothes, something to eat and something to sit on and enjoy the view, the light and infinite views.

Getting here

From Kiruna follow the E-10 towards Luleå. You will pass the cross road to the Airport. After some minutes you will see a sign to Institute of Space Science, turn right and follow the road to the end to the Space Campus. Here you will see a roundabout and also a little forest road. Continue on the forest road until the end. Here begins the trail up to Aptasvaara.

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