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An enchanting hike

A perfect day trip is the enchanting walk through the valley Kärkevagge to Rissájávri (Trollsjön). The Sámi name means roughly "the lake that shines like fire".

The trail is easy, but it is a steady climb. You start with a nice walk through birch forest. Then a somewhat steep climb awaits, but once you get past that bit you are rewarded with a truly wonderful view. Stay for a while at the big stone and enjoy the surroundings, drink some water and recover your breath. Now the trek continues into the valley, a true fairy tale landscape. The valley is filled with magnificent rock formations that are scattered all over the valley and this is what separates Kärkevagge from other valleys. The large rocky blocks are the result of the recent inland ice. You will pass lush meadows with lots of mountain flowers and in the middle of the valley is a large delta area. On the way you will encounter small streams where you can refill your water bottle with cold, tasty mountain water.


Rissájávri, more famously known as Trollsjön, is located at the end of the 6 km long valley. The beautiful turquoise lake consists of melting water from surrounding glaciers and it is the clearest lake in Sweden with a visibility depth of 36 meters. Stay here for a while and enjoy your backpack lunch, maybe you also want to take a refreshing dip in the water?

Getting here

By car you drive on road E10 towards Narvik. 20 km after Björkliden, but before Vassijaure, there will be a sign that says “Låktajokk”. You will then see some parking spaces on both sides of the road where you will park your car.

Safer to visit Låktatjåkka and Rissajaure / Trollsjön
At the beginning of July 2022, Låktatjåkka parking lot was completed, which is adjacent to the starting point for the hiking trail towards Låktatjåkka and Rissajaure / Trollsjön. The car park and bus stop are being built on behalf of Kiruna municipality in collaboration with the County Administrative Board, the Swedish Transport Administration and the hospitality industry. The purpose is to make visits safer for all guests arriving by car or bus. Next to the car park there is also a windbreak with barbecue facilities.

Safety and accessibility along the hiking trail will also be improved by crossing the railway from July 2022 without having to enter the track area at Låkta railway stop. Parts of the hiking trail are therefore redirected and bridged, which makes it easier to get past wet and rocky sections.
Follow signs and marked trails.

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