Kiruna Airport closed

During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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By boat in Visttasvággi

If you are looking for some quiet, beautiful scenery and just want a moment for yourself then you should head to Visttasvággi for a boat ride and a pleasant hike.

Riet Kemp

Before you start your adventure you need to pre-book the boat, you can choose to be dropped off at 7 or 12 km up along the river. The hike described here is from the 7 km drop point. You can also use this boat transport as starting point for your grander hiking adventure into the Lappish mountains. If you are just looking for a quiet boat trip, you can also book a guided river safari.

When the day of your hike has arrived you must first go to Nikkaluokta, which is about 70 km outside Kiruna. You can drive your own car or hop on the Nikkaluokta Express bus. Remember to pack a lunch with you! At Nikkaluokta Sarri there is a small shop in case you forgot to pack something, maybe a chocolate bar.

Then it is a short walk down to the river where the boat is waiting. You will be provided with a life jacket and take a seat in the boat.

Riet Kemp

The boat trip takes you through the meandering Vistas River and it is breathtakingly beautiful. You see mountain peaks and lush forests. All you hear is the sound of the boat engine, and maybe you come across someone in a canoe. When you are at the point where the hike back starts, the guide will provide brief information on how to get back to Nikkaluokta on foot. You walk along narrow paths, and you cross streams. If you choose the 7 km hike, after a while you reach a small hill.

That is where you can take a break and enjoy the lunch that you packed with you. You get a great view of the valley and usually there is a slight breeze, so you get protection from the mosquitoes. Close your eyes and reflect, use your senses to absorb the impressions. It is quiet and peaceful; you may hear some birds chirping or the wind in the trees. If you get lucky you might encounter other wildlife along the trail.

When you feel ready to continue, you just keep following the path along the river. You will arrive just before the bridge leading to Nikkaluokta. Walk a short distance along the road and you will be back where you started, at Nikkaluokta Sarri. The 7km hike takes approximately 4 hours with lunch and breaks along the way. This hike is also suitable for children to experience both a boat trip and an easier hike.

Canoe for you!
Explore the unique delta landscape in the valley of silence by canoe. At Nikkaluokta Sarri you can rent two-seat canoes with paddles and life vests. You can paddle 12 km up along the river before it turns into a jokk. Don’t forget to check a map!

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