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Rakkasjohka - Silverfallet

Nestled in a mighty canyon is the waterfall which flows into Scandinavia's largest mountain lake Torneträsk.

Silverfallet is a short walk of 1.5km from Björkliden. Follow the path to the right of the hotel past the Ski slope into the forest and then continue along the stream heading downwards. When you reach the ski lift houses, you walk a short distance on the asphalt road and at the T-junction you will see a wooden bridge. Do not cross the bridge but go down the path along the edge of the stream. If you come by car, you park in the large parking lot on the right side of the road sign Rakkasjohka.

When you head towards the water, you will see a small, charming wooden sign that says Silverfallet. Here a rocky path leads through the birch forest about 200 meters down to the beach. Do not hurry down to the beach directly but roam around along the paths where the water flows down over the rocks and flows into small “puddles”.

It is like a little paradise. Stop on a rock and meditate, listen to the fast-flowing water and the birds chirping. Fill your bottle with the fresh clear water from the streams while you enjoy the breath-taking scenery of lush vegetation. Be careful as there are no protective fences here.

A bit further down you reach a bridge where you can look out over the waterfall that rushes with force between the cliff edges. You may also notice that the bridge is decorated with some love padlocks. Did you know that Rakkasjohka means love stream in Sámi? Bring your partner to Silverfallet and say the words “mon ráhkistan du” (I love you) and you will be lucky in love.

Once you get down to the beach, you get the best view of Lapporten. The beautiful cobblestones are perfect for skipping stones. The daring may also want to take a refreshing dip in the cold water. Enjoy your picnic and the beautiful surroundings.

Silverfallet can be visited all year round.

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