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Family memory – private husky tour

Nedre Laukkuluspa 107, Kiruna

Family memory – private husky tour


Make your children’s dog dreams come true!

Kennel visit and husky experience personalized for families – the best winter activity for children! When you, as a family, come to visit us, we adapt the tour to suit your child(ren)’s age(s).

The children get plenty of time to cuddle and to help with the dogs and you do not need to feel that you are in the way of other guests. You all share a big sled that is driven by the guide. It’s a great feeling to relax with the kids in the sled and enjoy the silence with them.

We live outside the major tourist areas with our 40 dogs, 3 cats and 3 children. We can almost promise that we will be alone out in nature, to enjoy the scenery, amongst this vast landscape. Welcome to a life adventure where kids and dogs get the chance to meet.

We pick you up in Kiruna or ICEHOTEL. We travel along the beautiful Kalix river, which is one of the largest river systems in Europe that has not been exploited for hydroelectric purposes, with views over Swedish tallest mountain, Kebnekaise, in clear weather. The chances to see moose are big as we pass through the moose’s winter grazing land.

The tour
We start by saying hello to our dogs in the team. Then we all get ready on the sled, covered in warm clothing and extra blankets for young children. We go with the dogs on frozen swamps, mountain forests and the ice-covered Kalix River. After the tour, the dogs are given a massage, we take out their harnesses and we bring them back to their kennels. Both adults and children are invited to help. When we are done, we take a Swedish fika in our home and bring some dogs in for the children to cuddle with. We engage in conversation about life in this Arctic environment before we bring you back to your accommodation.

Why do we think you should choose Husky Home?
This tour is always private. Then we have time for that extra bathroom visit, and we can adjust the tour to your children. We always end up in our house which is a nice place for the children to warm up after the tour. And our dogs are nice and calm and most children dare to cuddle and help with the dogs.

In all our bookable activities, not only your experience is at the center, but also the wellbeing of the dogs. We constantly develop ourselves and have further training to be able to adapt our dogs’ everyday lives in the best way possible.

You’ll find us away from the major tourist areas in a vast and untouched landscape. With our silent and calm dogs you will have the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, when looking around you might see moose, reindeer, grouse and fox or at least the traces they have left behind.