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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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8 tips for a sustainable stay in Kiruna

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is an Arctic destination where you will experience contrasts from the Northern lights to the Midnight sun, Sweden’s highest mountain and the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, ancient Sámi culture and an ongoing urban transformation. Here in Kiruna there are plenty of activities to take part in and we will greet you with warm hospitality. We love our beautiful destination and hope that with our tips you will want to make your stay in Kiruna a little more sustainable.

1. Public transportation for the win

From Stockholm to Kiruna it is just over 1230 km. For those of you who want to be a little more environmentally friendly can choose the night train and, in this way, also get to see a lot of Sweden’s surroundings. Even within Kiruna the distances are often large, but with some planning you can use the public transfers such as a train and bus. Did you know that Sweden’s most beautiful train route is here? Walking or renting a bike is also a great way to enjoy what the city has to offer at your own pace.

2. Natural water sources

When you come to Kiruna you will notice that we have great quality of tap water. So, no need to purchase bottled water instead you fill your own bottle with our yummy tap water that you can refill here and there. And if you want to top that, you fill the can/bottle with water directly from freely flowing rivers and streams. You save money and you save the environment!

Foto: Magdalena Lindholm

3. Recycle

In Kiruna, and Sweden, we take recycling very seriously. If you happen to buy a disposable bottle, make sure when you are done with it to take it back to the store. You will find several recycle stations around Kiruna. In many hotels, you can also choose to, for example, reuse your towel before washing and hang up the *No need for cleaning * sign to clean the room every day if not needed on the door handle. Before booking your accommodation, check out their website about their sustainability work or email and ask!

4. Benefit local entrepreneurs

Kiruna may be a small city; however, we have a large selection of talented entrepreneurs who offer local services and products. If you want to bring a souvenir from your Arctic trip, shop locally and you might get an exciting story to the product, as so when you book activities, its not only the activity itself, there is always a story that comes with it.

5. Respect the locals

Kiruna Citizens may be a bit reserved and shy, but we are very helpful and friendly. A smile will help you along. We appreciate simple things like asking for permission before taking a picture of someone, respecting the queuing system and being on time.

6. Leave no trace

We are happy to share our beautiful scenery to visitors, but keep in mind the golden rule that says, “do not disturb – do not destroy”. Our nature is not a wilderness but a cultural area of the Sami that have been here for thousands of years. The untouched nature that still lives on is a cultural heritage that we respect and want to pass on. You can help by sticking to the marked paths, taking care of the vegetation and not disturbing wildlife. If you want to step up and do a good deed and be an example to others, then you can pick with you some extra trash that you see laying around in the nature. We who enjoy nature also have an important responsibility in protecting and preserving it.

7. Try vegetarian and locally produced food

In Kiruna we hunt and fish since ancient times and still do so today. Maybe you want to go on a fishing trip and catch today’s dinner? Many restaurants also offer exciting vegetarian and vegan options. The locally produced reindeer and moose meat is a delicacy you should not miss out on!

8. Enjoy life

We who live in Kiruna spend a lot of time outdoors and a huge reason why we choose to settle here is precisely that we have nature just around the corner. Here you get the chance to experience a digital detox – disconnect your phone, get out into the wild and use your senses to capture all the impressions. Be present and enjoy the peace that comes. Believe us, we know what we’re talking about! If you need some help along the way, we highly recommend a relaxing forest bath.

Thanks for caring! Together we work for a sustainable destination and a slightly greener world!