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About dogsledding

Have you ever dreamt of gliding across the snow fields as a real musher? Hearing the Huskies howl in excitement? Feel the cold on your cheeks while surrounded by the amazing winter wonderland?

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland offers many different options to experience a genuine dogsledding adventure in subarctic climate. Drive over the frozen lakes and rivers, through snow covered trees in the forest and magnificent mountain areas, the possibilities are many. Dogsledding is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of enjoying the vast nature and it also gives you great insight into our lifestyle up here in the north.

What is dogsledding?

A dogsled is run by a musher and that is a person who stands behind the sled and guides the dogs with different commands so they know in which direction they should go. A dog team can consist of anything from 2 to 18 dogs per team. Most of them are Alaskan or Siberian huskies, however there are other breeds as well that are suited for dogsledding.

Paws in the snow

An arctic dogsledding adventure

The dogs howl eagerly while waiting to run. When the guide gives the command, the dogs pull away and it becomes completely silent. We only hear the sledge against the hill and the dogs panting. Arctic Dogsled Adventures takes us on a wonderful dog sledding trip in a truly Arctic winter landscape.

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How can you experience dogsledding?

In and around Kiruna there are many different dogsled companies that offer all kinds of tours. The duration of the tours vary, anything between 2.5 up to 5 hours and the time on the sled is usually around an hour on the shorter tours. You can choose between a morning glory, an afternoon delight or an evening tour with a chance to see the northern lights. You can also choose to drive your own dog team, share with a friend and take turns driving or simply sit on the sled as a passenger. Overnight tours are also possible or several day tours if you want to enjoy the wilderness life for a few days with the dogs.

Dogsledding can be done during the winter season from around December until April, but depending on how early we get enough snow, at times you can enjoy sledding already in November. Before the snow arrives, you can join the companies when they train their dogs for the upcoming season. This usually starts when the days get cooler, August-September.

Guided dogsledding tours

Sit as a passenger or drive your own team

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Frequently asked questions about dogsledding

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