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Dogsled tour with overnight at wilderness camp

Timmerstigen 7, Kiruna
Arctic dogsled adventures övernattningstur
Arctic dogsled adventures övernattningstur

Dogsled tour with overnight at wilderness camp


Let our huskies take you out on a tour of the amazing Lapland and to our wilderness camp located near a frozen lake.

We will pick you up for the experience at 13:00 in Kiruna C and take you to our base in Laxforsen, which is located just outside Kiruna, not far from Jukkasjärvi. 

You drive your own sled which is pulled by 3-4 dogs and if you share a sled it is pulled by 4-6 dogs.

We provide warm clothes (shoes, overalls, warm cap and gloves), sleeping bag with sheets, towel. Your own clothes for the tour should be durable and warm – and don’t forget warm underwear and socks. When you are changed and have packed for the tour, we have a briefing on how to handle the sled and dogs so that you feel safe taking care of your dog sled.

When we and the dogs are ready and the starting signal for the tour goes, the dogs stop barking and all you hear is the sound of the sled and the breathing of the dogs.

With our Huskies we will guide you through the fantastic Lapland in Jukkasjärvi and Torne River surroundings through forests that are often covered by shiny snow and on frozen lakes. We’re on our way to our wilderness camp. When we get to the camp, we start by taking care of the dogs and fetching water from the lake for the sauna. After that we enjoy dinner and a sauna bath.

Our wilderness camp was built in 2016 and has a guest cottage that is about 50 m2 with a living room, kitchen and a bedroom for 6-8 people. There is also a sauna and barbecue hut. The camp does not have any electricity running water. The water is collected from a lake next to the camp.