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Reindeer Lodge
Reindeer Lodge

Reindeer Lodge


Start the day by saying good morning to a reindeer, and then snuggle up with a warm cup of cocoa after a long day in the forest. Fall asleep to the sound of crackling fire, wake up and see how the northern lights or the midnight sun in the sky. Come to Reindeer Lodge and stay in our accommodation located next to the reindeer corrals. Choose between an comfortable goahti tent, a traditional lávvu tent or an idyllic cabin, or maybe one night in each? Regardless, this small-scale facility offers an ideal base for your Swedish Lapland getaway.

During summer most of our reindeer are up in the mountains. That is why we give our guests a free ticket to our outdoor museum where you can meet the animals that stay with us all year around. During the winter you will have reindeer as your closest neighbour as they roam in the big corrals that surround the lodge.

Choose between three unique types of housing:

Lávvu – Traditional Sámi tent
Go back to the basics and sleep a night in a traditional lávvu, an adventure for the tough and experienced! You sleep directly on birch branches and reindeer skins on the floor of the tent, cuddled up in a soft sleeping bag. A fire-heated stove will keep you warm, but you will have to take turns to sleep to keep it burning.

Stohpu – Sámi forest cabin
Stay in our idyllic cabins and come close to nature. Nestled in the forest we got five little cabins, inspired by the reindeer herder cottages we got in the mountains. But the simple life is beautiful, you somehow get close to your essence in our cabins furnished with cosy double bed and stove that keeps you warm all night.

Goahti – Modern Sámi tent
Enjoy the arctic lifestyle and a genuine, adventurous stay in one of our goahti tents. Here we combine the best from glamping and the unique Sámi nomadic lifestyle. You will find comfort in our newly built tents, furnished with cosy double beds, sofa, eco-toilets and a fire stove to keep you warm throughout the night.