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2 day tour with icelandic horse

Puoltsa 1057, Kiruna

2 day tour with icelandic horse

Ofelaš Islandshästar & Guideservice +46 (0)980 500 13

Give yourself a short vacation on horseback in the mountains. We ride Icelandic horses two days out on the basis of Nikkaluokta and our farm in Puoltsa in the valley and up in the mountains with a breathtaking view of Kebnekaise. We ride both on paths, small roads and in pathless terrain so we can vary the tempo of the riding. We stop during the tours to cook lunch over an open fire. You stay in a house on our horse farm in Puoltsa and eat local specialities.

You arrive to our farm in Puoltsa in the morning on the first day and then we will prepare the horses and give us on a day trip where we stop to eat lunch out. We ride up on the bare mountain where we have a fantastic view over the river and the mountains. When we come back we have a dinner of local specialities. The night is spent in a double room in a house on our farm. Next day after breakfast we go to Nikkaluokta by car for another great day of riding. Also this day we eat lunch out, but come back a little earlier so you have time for the trip home. Maybe we do the tours in the opposite order.

This tour is suitable for both experienced and less experienced riders. The Icelandic horse is certainly a strong horse, but not so large, so maximum weight of the rider is 90 kg and minimum age is 12. You can come to Nikkaluokta/Puoltsa with bus or car. Sometimes we have this tour in Ratekjokk, a place we have in a road less area and we take you there with car and boat.