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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Snowmobile and dinner under the Milky Way

Puoltsa 1057, Kiruna

Snowmobile and dinner under the Milky Way

Ofelaš Islandshästar & Guideservice +46 (0)980 500 13

A night under the starry sky, the northern lights and the moon with the snowmobile that ends with dinner around the fire in the teepee. We’ll pick you up in Kiruna in the afternoon and drive to our farm by the river with the
mountains all around. There awaits snowmobiles to take us on an evening under the Milky Way, where we will hopefully have both stars, the moon and the northern lights for company. These celestial phenomenon was Sami’s old ways of orienting themselves. We drive in the woods and on the river and maybe we’ll see some animals in the dark such as reindeer, moose, hare, fox. The farm also has animals such as horse, reindeer, goat, and when we come back there burns the fire in the teepee and you will be served dinner of local specialties such as fish and wildlife. While sitting around the fire in the teepee is your chance to find out more about the Sami culture and life in the north. Afterwards we drive you back to Kiruna.