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Crater lake

Experience wonderful mountain views. Do you prefer summertime during the midnight sun, or perhaps the glorious colour shifts and crispy air that the autumn offers?

Kratersjön is about 3.5 km from Björkliden Fjällby. You start your hike at the hotel and walk up the steep gravel road until you reach the path leading straight to Kratersjön. The path is marked with red crosses. If you want to do a slightly longer hike and experience more of the mountains then we recommend that you combine a visit to Kratersjön with a walk past the midnight sun view point, which is approximately 1.5 km from the hotel. After the gravel road, turn left, where a path leads you to a small waterfall. Here is a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee from your thermos. Follow the path until you see a sign for “Midnattssolsröset”. When you arrive at the view point, you can write your name in the guestbook. Stop for a while and admire the views. You are currently about 560 meters above sea level and you look out over Torneträsk and the Norwegian mountains.

Then continue onwards and down towards Kratersjön. Along the way you may encounter grazing reindeer, or pass by areas where the snow still remains. When you reach Kratersjön you can eat your snacks on one of the comfortable flat rocks surrounding the lake. If the weather is windy there is a shelter to enter. From here you can also choose to take a 1.5 km stroll to the Navvy cemetary.

When you’re ready to return, just follow the marked path. Do not miss the cozy bathing lake along the way, in hot weather, maybe you will want to take a cooling dip before you finish your mountain hiking?

Duration: 2-4 hours

The waterfall of love


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