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Jojo Trail (6 days)

Campingvägen 5, Kiruna
Jojoleden i Kirunafjällen

Experience some of Sweden’s most beautiful valleys and the dramatic alpine area north of Kebnekaise on the famous route known as the Jojo Trail.

The actual Jojo trail goes in the high alpine zone just north of Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, and stretches from the mountain hut Nallo to Tarfala Valley near Kebnekaise. To even get to Nallo one have to go by boat 12 km upstream the stunning Vistas River with its turqoise glacial water and walk two days with a total distance of about 30 km through wild Scandinavian mountains.

But it’s a challenge one can certainly accept. The Jojo trail itself normally takes two days of hiking trough an area that gets way less visitors than its more famous neighbors Kungsleden and Kebnekaise. A truly wild experience!

Preliminary schedule below.

Arrival day
Arrival in Kiruna, north of Sweden. We recommend arriving mid day if possible. Your guide will pick you up at the airport/train station and take you to your chalet at Camp Ripan where you wil spend the first night.

At around 15.00, depending on arrival times, we’ll meet up and go through the equipment, and you will get the things and food we provide for you. If you have anything missing there’s time to sort that out before the local shops close. If everything is set there’s some free time before we enjoy a 3-course dinner toghether in Camp Ripans restaurant at 19.00.

Day 1 – First day in the mountains
Nikkaluokta – Vistasstugan. About 22 km + 12 km boat, +200m vertical. Breakfast buffet at 07.00 before we drive to Nikkaluokta to catch our boat up the Vistas River at 09.30. The boat ride takes about 30 min and if we’re lucky we will see the local beaver family and maybe mooses. We will unload the boat, say goodbye to our captain and start to hike through the dense birch forest towards the Vistas hut, about 22 km further up the valley. Here we’ll put up our tents for the first night, but we have the luxury of going inside the hut to cook food and dry some clothes.

Day 2 – We are getting higher up
Vistasstugan -> Nallo. About 9 km, + 300m vertical. Shorter day where we will reach our next goal before lunch. If weather is good and legs are strong we have the option to hike up one of the surrounding peaks to have a view in the afternoon.

Day 3 – Jojo Trail starts
Nallo -> Unna Räita. About 7 km, +300m vertical. Another short day to get them legs ready and rested for day 4. We’ll put up our tents, or sleep in the shelter if it is not occupied.

Day 4 – Up, down, up, down, up, down
Unna Räita -> Tarfala. 13 km, +1000 & -1000m vertical. Early start. Expect a long and hard day in the mountains, 10-12 hours. We’ll cross 3 mountain passes (hence the name ”Jojo”) and two valleys surrounded by glaciers on our way to a well earned and warm sauna at the Tarfala Hut.

Day 5 – Civilisation again
Tarfala -> Kebnekaise Fjällstation. 8 km, -500m vertical. Easy hiking downhill back to ”civilisation”. At Kebnekaise Mountain Station we will enjoy a cold beer, sauna and a 3-course dinner.

Extra day possible – Additional cost
We’ll join the guides at Kebnekaise Mountain Station along the eastern route to the south peak of Kebnekaise.

Day 6 – On our way home
Kebnekaise Fjällstation -> Nikkaluokta. 13 km + 6 km boat. Breakfast buffet in the morning followed by easy hiking back to Nikkaluokta. Mid hike we will hop on the boat that saves our tired legs and feet som distance. Back in Kiruna no later than 17.00.