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Feel well on horseback in the mountains of Kebnekaise (4 days)

Puoltsa 1057, Kiruna

Feel well on horseback in the mountains of Kebnekaise (4 days)

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Imagine some days of riding in the mountains. We ride day rides in the valley with nice trails and up on the mountains with a breathtaking view of the mountains of Kebnekaise. We stay overnight in Ratekjokk, a small Sami village where you can´t come with car, only by boat. We ride both on paths and trails so we have the chance to vary the speed and the gaits. You stay overnight in a house and eat local specialities. After a day on horseback you get to enjoy the sauna and a three-course meal. This tour suits both experienced riders and beginners.

The first day we have an afternoon ride. We stay to have coffee/tea during the tour. But before that we have picked you up in Kiruna, have had lunch and go by car and boat to the other side of the Kalix river to Ratekjokk, a small Sami village where we are going to stay for some nights. When we come back after the riding we have a sauna bath, a nice three-course meal with local specialities and have a nice time together. You stay overnight in a house in Ratekjokk. There we have sauna, outdoor toilet and electricity. After breakfast next day we ride up on the bare mountains and have an outdoor lunch which we prepare over open fire. A three-course meal for dinner we eat that day and possibility for sauna.

The last riding day we ride a whole day tour with outdoor lunch and a three-course dinner back in Ratekjokk. After breakfast the last day we drive you back to Kiruna with boat and car. If you are leaving early that day we can stay the last night on the farm in Puoltsa instead if you want. This tour can be in Ratekjokk (south of the Kalix river) like in the program above or staying overnight on our farm in Puoltsa (north of the Kalix river). If the tour is with staying overnight in Puoltsa we ride both from Puoltsa and from Nikkaluokta to where we go by car.