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Sami day trip to Jokkmokk winter market

Tvärgatan 4A, Kiruna

Sami day trip to Jokkmokk winter market


Jokkmokk wintermarket is one of the Sami highlights in the year. At the market people meet, sell Sami handicraft and maybe buy something needed. At this daytour to Jokkmokk we show you the best things to see in the market. We meet the Kuhmunen family with their reindeer and sledges coming to the
marketplace, meet the best Sami handicraft makers in Sweden and guide you in local shopping.

After a 3 hour drive we come to Jokkmokk, we go to meet the Kuhmunen family and their reindeers when they arrive to the market, eat a Sami inpired lunch and look for Sami handicraft and meet Sami handicraft makers and artists. We end the tour at the famous Stoorstålka boutique where they make modern Sami handicraft. We also have time to feel the atmosphere of the market and if you want, also shop something before it is time to leave. We are back in Kiruna around dinner time.