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Miessemánnu med Nutti Sámi Siida
Miessemánnu med Nutti Sámi Siida



Be guest among our precious reindeer herd. An exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you when the reindeer herder meets you among hundreds of reindeer. It is a unique opportunity to watch new-born reindeer calves taking their first steps. Receive first-hand information by reindeer herders who conduct reindeer husbandry as a lifestyle based on traditional Sámi knowledge. Round off your visit by savouring a traditional Sámi meal whilst sitting around a crackling open fire to get a real taste of Sápmi.

The outing starts with our guide collecting you in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi for transfer by minibus, approx. 1.5 hour one-way, towards the Silkkimuotka reindeer corrals. Upon arrival to the forest in the middle of Sápmi, the reindeer herder welcomes you to the corrals with reindeer. You will learn about the reindeer, reindeer husbandry and its challenges, for example climate change.

The month of May is called miessemánnu in North Sámi language and means month of the reindeer calf. And this is usually the season when calving starts, continuing into June. If weather and other conditions allow you will have the chance to see new-born reindeer calves taking their first steps. These reindeer will be released to the mountains when the calves have grown a bit and are strong enough to embark on the long migration journey.

The calving season is one highlight within reindeer husbandry and of vital importance. Herders monitor the herds to safeguard them from disturbances. And that is why such a visit has to be done with caution and respect.

After meeting the reindeer herd, you will take a seat on reindeer skins around a sparkling warming fire whilst talking and learning more about the indigenous Sámi people’s culture, history, and our modern way of life. You will be served the Sámi signature dish suovas, which is smoked reindeer meat, fried over the open flames and served on gáhkku-bread with a dash of lingonberry jam. It is eaten like a wrap and tastes best with fresh boiled coffee sipped from a guksi, a drinking cup carved from birch burl.

The bright hours of the midnight sun are approaching and will provide a wonderful setting for your visit in Silkkimuotka and for your transfer back to Kiruna/Jukkasjärvi.