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Snowshoe hike and ice fishing tour

Kalixforsbron 4, Kiruna

Snowshoe hike and ice fishing tour


Embark on a Kiruna Husky Arctic Wilderness Experience, perfect for those who yearn for an active encounter with the snowy Arctic landscape, a deeper understanding of its inhabitants, and a few essential survival skills. In the deep snow, the most effective way to navigate is with snowshoes.

Our comprehensive package includes transfers to and from Kiruna Town, along with essential winter gear, including winter overalls, boots, mittens, and hats. A light lunch and a delightful Fika session around an open fire are included as well.

Upon your arrival in Kalixforsbron, our guide will provide you with winter clothing to ensure your comfort. Snowshoes, an age-old tool used for traversing deep snow by evenly distributing your weight, will become your trusty companions for the day.

As you embark on the snowshoe hike, your guide will share information about nature and wildlife with you. Keep a keen eye out for animal tracks and trails as you learn to identify them. You’ll also discover the art of finding dry firewood in the snow-covered forest, a skill that can be essential for creating a warming fire in the wilderness. To further expand your survival know-how in the challenging Arctic environment, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen expanse of Folke’s lake.

Upon your return to Kiruna Husky base camp, you’ll have the chance to gather around an open fire in our traditional Nordic tipi, savouring hot soup and sandwiches, as well as a taste of traditional Swedish Fika. Finally, we’ll ensure a ride back to Kiruna Town, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and newfound knowledge about Arctic survival skills.

We recommend dressing warmly with a balaclava or scarf and layering up for comfort. For those with glasses, consider contact lenses.