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Night sky snowmobile tour

Lapportsvägen 30, Abisko

Night sky snowmobile tour


An evening of nature’s beauty – maybe a moonlight sky with the aurora’s green flames licking the sky

Seeing the Northern Lights may require a little patience and how can you best resolve the situation? We take you on an exciting snowmobile ride a bit up on the bare mountain where the conditions for a spectacle of the polar night’s phenomenon occur best.

We start our tours as usual with a safety and driving instructions before we head out into the cold dark night, the light of the snowmobile lights illuminates the trail as we drive. Where the guide considers it a suitable place to stay protected from the weather and wind, we park the snowmobiles. When we put out, we concentrate on what nature has to offer us. A pleasant fire can gild our moment while we have a snack and a hot drink.

When we return from the tour, the night is young and it is perfect for you to continue searching for the aurora on you own. The guide will give you good tips where you can reach good aurora viewing spots by foot from your accommodation.