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Great outback snowmobile tour

Lapportsvägen 30, Abisko

Great outback snowmobile tour


This snowmobile tour allows you to go further into the wonderful winter landscape of Abisko National Park and beyond. And see more of the area than any other snowmobile trip in Abisko! For you who really want to learn to drive a snowmobile in different snow conditions and to experience mountains and an environment that you on foot would take you days to reach. You ride a state-of-the-art eco-friendly snowmobile, and your guide does give you safety and driving instructions before we go.

We drive on Kungsleden (King´s trail) up to Lake Abiskojaure. We cross the lake, and we continue along the upper part of the river Gámaeatnu. Along the way we take a break and enjoy a traditional Swedish coffee, a hot drink, and cakes. With a little luck, we can get a glimpse of the wildlife in the national park. We travel in small groups of a maximum of 8 people to ensure an exclusive experience. There will be time to take photos along the way. If you choose to share a snowmobile, you have the opportunity to change drivers during the trip.