Unsafe snow conditions in the mountains

There are unsafe snow conditions and thus an increased risk of avalanches in large parts of Norrbotten's mountain chain. Be careful if you intend to go out into the mountains and stay updated!

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Oaggut – Set out and fish

Marknadsvägen 84, Jukkasjärvi

Oaggut – Set out and fish


A fishtail splashing. The scent of a fire. The sound of a river rushing by, small waves hitting calmly the banks of a secret lake. Fishing fascinates most people and the feeling when you get a bite is without comparison. So come with us to our favourite fishing spots for a day of both relaxation and adrenaline!

Fishing, together with trapping and hunting, is the oldest livelihood in Sámi society. For some Sámi people, fishing has been the main source of income and for many reindeer herders it was lifesaving during years with bad reindeer pasture. There is even an old Skolt Sámi expression that says, “one does not dare to trust the forest, but the lake does not perish a man”. Therefore, we invite for a wonderful fishing adventure at national rivers or lakes nearby, fishing for among others, artic char, trout, whitefish, grayling and pike.

A perfect day trip for those interested in easy-accessible fishing and the beautiful nature in the vicinity of Kiruna. The guide picks you up by minibus at Reindeer Lodge or your hotel in Jukkasjärvi/Kiruna and takes you to the waters we prefer and where the fish are usually plentiful. We take the minibus all the way to the shores, but exactly where we end up depends on the weather and wind. We start fishing immediately when we arrive, so we do not miss a minute. When the coffee craving kicks in, we make a small fire, providing a cosy place for those who want to join for conversation and laughter. Your guide will happily tell you more about Sámi culture and its connection to fish and waters. The lunch, of course, consists of fish, hopefully self-caught but guaranteed local.

After the tour, all guests are transported back to their respective hotels. The tour is suitable for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge. The guide is happy to show you the basics of fishing to give your fishing career the best possible start. If you prefer to fish with your own equipment, you are welcome to do so. The most important thing is, that everyone gets to enjoy the sun, wind and waters on their personal level! However, we always work with fishing in an ethical and sustainable way, regardless of whether you choose to pick up the fish for lunch or to release the catch. We inform about and adhere to regulations that pertain the day and to the area of water when we go fishing with you.