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Oaggut – Set out and fish

Marknadsvägen 84, Jukkasjärvi

Oaggut – Set out and fish


Fishing fascinates and the feeling when you get a bite is without comparison. That is why we invite you to come with us to our best fishing spots for a day of both relaxation and adrenaline!

The guide picks you up by minibus at your hotel and then drives you to our favourite waters where the fish are usually plentiful. We take the minibus all the way to the beach, but exactly where we end up depends on the weather and wind. We start fishing immediately when we arrive, so we do not miss a minute. When the coffee craving kicks in, we make a small fire, providing a cozy place for those who want to join for conversation and laughter. Your guide will happily tell you more about the Sámi culture and its connection to fish and waters. The lunch of course consists of fish, hopefully self-caught but guaranteed local. After the tour, all guests are transported back to their respective hotels.