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Guided northern lights tour by snowmobile

Nirpi Jounis väg 3, Kiruna
Paradise Lapland skotertur norrsken
Paradise Lapland skotertur norrsken

Guided northern lights tour by snowmobile


On our guided northern lights tour by snowmobile, you get to experience the freedom as you drive through the vast nature of the Swedish Lapland countryside. Far away from the city’s light pollution, you get excellent chances to see the northern lights.

After being picked up from your accommodation in Kiruna, we start the journey by minibus to the small village Poikkijärvi. Here is our lodge where we provide you with warm overalls, shoes, gloves, helmet and face mask. Fully bundled up, we go down to the frozen river together for an introduction on how to use the snowmobile in a safe and fun way.

Now the adventure can begin. We drive the snowmobiles on the majestic Torne river and then travel further through forest and land. The large lakes we pass are perfect for those of you who dream of experiencing the magical northern lights. We will stop for some Swedish fika and a hot beverage.

Our tour is built with a lot of thought and the goal is that the tour will suit the experienced driver as well as you who want to try driving a snowmobile for the first time. This adventure will give you a little bit of everything; magnificent nature, spectacular northern lights and the opportunity to see animals in the arctic environment. The feeling of total freedom far out in the wilderness. But above all, we want to give you an unforgettable memory to bring back home with you.

We have great local knowledge, a lot of experience driving snowmobiles and modern equipment. You will learn tips and tricks to become a good snowmobile driver and thus have as much fun as possible during the tour.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the adventure and hopefully the magical northern lights.

If you want to drive during the daylight, check out our day tour by snowmobile.