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Hundspann i Kiruna med Husky Home

Do you love dogs, and would you like to learn more about mindfulness, animal welfare and at the same time be driving your own dog sled team in a unique environment? Then this is the tour for you!

On this premium tour you will learn how we train the dogs with help of mindfulness and our full presence. Our trained guides will explain you the basics of the Trust Technique.. During the time on the sled you will work as a team with your dogs and the longer you run the more confident you will get. You will also learn how to give your dogs a well-deserved massage after the tour.


Pick up and transfer in Kiruna or ICEHOTEL. In 40 minutes we drive from Kiruna to our kennel. We drive along the beautiful Kalix river, which is one of the largest river systems in Europe that has not been exploited for hydroelectric purposes. On clear days we can even see the beautiful mountain range hosting Sweden’s tallest mountain, Kebnekaise. The chances to see moose are high as we pass through the moose’s winter grazing land.

The dog sledding tour
We start the day with our unique dog sled tour. After a proper driving instruction, in which we also teach you how to best interact with our dogs, we head out over the frozen swamps and river and through mountain forest. Two people in a team take turns in driving and sitting on the sled. We find ourselves in the fantastic environment with Sweden’s tallest mountain – Kebnekaise in the background. Every driver gets to drive about 45 minutes each.

Mindfulness and animal welfare
We gather in our special mindfulness tipi and you will learn about the Trust Technique benefits. How do we use it and why do we use it? How will it be possible for you to use it with your own animals? In different ways we will show you the changes in a dog. You will learn the basics in how to build a relationship with your dog with the help of your own presence and calmness. If you have problems with dogs at home, we will discuss them and come up with suggestions for solutions.

We have a warming soup around our kitchen table or around the fire in the wooden tipi which invites conversations about life in this Arctic environment.

What do our dogs benefit from in this tour?
During this tour you will help the dogs relax both psychological and physical tensions which is an important part of our daily work. You will also help teach the dogs to feel safe around strangers.

What do you benefit from on this tour?
You will get insight in techniques of mindfulness and massage. It might inspire you to apply that on your own dogs in the future. By applying techniques of mindfulness with the dogs, you will still your own mind. This will make you feel calm and relaxed. You will also learn more about animal welfare and why it is important.

To start to use mindfulness with your own dogs we recommend an online session with us. You will therefore receive a discount on a private online coaching. We can also help you to connect with your local practitioner.

Who is the teacher?
Ylva Forssén has over 20 years of dog experience, mainly in bird hunting and sled dogs. She is well educated in many disciplines and a dog psychologist. She has a Crossfields Institute level 3 diploma in mindfulness for people with their animals: Trust Technique Practitioner. Using mindfulness in daily training she creates a stress-free environment at the kennel. It can also help you who have problems with your dog to build a new relationship and trouble-free everyday life.