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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Fika tour with huskies

Krokvik 2, Kiruna
Husky dreams fikatur

Enjoy the view as a passenger on our Fika tour with huskies! Take a seat in front of the sledge, take pictures and enjoy the wonderful views whilst an experienced guide drives you.

Located just 15 min outside of Kiruna we are a small kennel with around 40 dogs and we make our own tracks, which means that you will experience nature without the interference of other tourists or noisy snowmobiles. You will also have the chance to spot some wildlife.

The tour lasts about 2 hours (incl. dressing, dog harnessing, fika, excl. transfer) and we cover a distance of around 15 km by dogsled depending on weather and snow conditions. After the tour we warm ourselves up in the main house or outside at a bonfire and enjoy a traditional Swedish Fika. Fika is a central part of Swedish culture and is an extended coffee break with a snack.

Of course you will have the opportunity before and after the tour to meet and cuddle our friendly Alaskan Huskies, they will more than appreciate it!

If you need a free transfer from Kiruna, please contact us.