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Gáisi – Mountain hike in Sápmi

Marknadsvägen 84, Jukkasjärvi

Gáisi – Mountain hike in Sápmi


The mountains are calling! Join us on a wonderful hiking trip during the bright seasons in the mountain range where the reindeer still roam freely, and the varied landscape shows itself in all its glory.

The guide will pick you up by minibus at Reindeer Lodge or your hotel and take you northwestward, up to the mountains, all in less than an hour’s drive. We park the bus at Torneträsk station, check our equipment and start our hike with a light incline through low mountain birch forest and up above the tree line. The hike is approx. 5 to 8 km kilometres where the final view from mountain Nagirvárri is the final goal. Food is part of the experience, and we prepare lunch from nature’s pantry. While the coffee is brewing, our guide talks more about nature, wildlife and reindeer husbandry. When we come down from the mountain again, we head back to Kiruna/Jukkasjärvi where we arrive in the late afternoon.