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Dog sledding – Lunch ride

Solbacksvägen 22, Kiruna

Dog sledding – Lunch ride


On this invigorating lunch dog sledding trip you will travel as a passenger on a sled driven by one of our professional guides. The dog sledding journey departs from our kennel and takes you through the snowy landscape surrounding the magnificent Torne River. At lunchtime we stop for a meal served in a wilderness hut or by the warming fire of a kåta – the wooden tepee typical of the indigenous Sámi people in Lapland.

While our guide prepares lunch you will have time to socialize with our friendly Alaskan huskies, go on a photo excursion in the beautiful scenery surrounding the camp, or just relax by the fire and taking in the wonderful atmosphere. After lunch we hit the trail again and travel by dog sled back to the kennel where we say goodbye to our friendly huskies.