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Sit & drive combo husky tour

Husky Tours Lapland
Husky Tours Lapland

Sit & drive combo husky tour


Tour highlights:

  • Drive a sled together with a friend with 5-6 huskies.
  • Sit while your friend drives and take pictures along the way
  • Location away from tourist spots, so its just you, the dogs and nature
  • Social friendly dogs that love your attention
  • 18kms trail that covers varied landscape and is hand groomed

After arriving at the kennel we get your geared up with some warm clothes. We give you an instruction on how to safely drive the sled, use the brake and how to sit on the sled. From here we head off into the wilderness! On this tour you can both enjoy sitting on the sled and take pictures whilst also feeling the thrill of driving the team of dogs as half way you swap over. The dogs love attention, so please feel free to cuddle with them.

Upon return to the kennel you get to help feed your team of dogs, unharness them and put them back into the yards. We enjoy a cozy fire with coffee, tea and a cinnamon roll. Take this opportunity to ask any questions you have about the huskies. Then it is time to head back to Kiruna.