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Private ski guide Björkliden


Private ski guide Björkliden

Book your own guide for you or your group. Start the adventure today! Together with your guide, you set out on an adventure out of the ordinary in the fantastic mountains around Björkliden.

We offer guides for off-piste in the Björkliden ski system, as well as top tours or tours on classic touring skis for those who want to try something new or for those who want to explore new areas and make longer day trips. The level of the tour is determined by the group’s physical condition and ambitions, with a smaller group we become more flexible and have several different tour options to choose from.

The area outside Björkliden’s ski system contains a calmness and a depth that is hard to beat, with mile-long views of mountain peaks in winter and unexploited terrain.

Ski touring is the perfect activity if you like skiing, the mountains, and a good workout. The reward to look out over the miles wide Swedish mountain range after several hours of touring is hard to beat. With a private guide we are able to customize each tour for each group, regarding to prior level and ambitions. The area from Abisko to Riksgränsen holds countless of peaks and with a private guide you have the opportunitet to affect the outcome of your day. The length of the tour varies between 5-7 hours/day.

A guiding of Björklidens off-piste area is the perfect activity for you who wants to leave the pistes and go find the best of Björkliden, our hidden gems and challenging rides. We might take you to places as Svarta björn, Stora drivan, Isfallet and, Ängarna. This activity is possible to book as a half day activity as well.

A day on nordic touring skis with a private guide is the optimal choice for you who want to discover the Swedish mountains, but not on your own. We have the opportunitet to adjust the day and the tour after your wishes and ambitions. Do you have a specific place you want to go to? Or do you want a whole day of touring in our beautiful Swedish mountains, discover our hidden gems and take advantage of our guides knowledge of the mountains and outdoor life. Then a whole day of nordic touring skiis with a private guide will be a perfect activity for you.