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During the period of 15-29th July Kiruna Airport will be closed. We help you find alternative travel ways. Read more.

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Ski touring full day

Riksgränsen topptur

This ski touring adventure includes full day of touring and skiing in the fantastic mountains around Riksgränsen and Narvik areas. Ski touring is an unbeatable activity if you like skiing, mountains and sweating a little…or rather a lot, but it’s worth it!

Touring is a simply awesome experience; challenging, rewarding and unique. You power yourself up the mountain and then enjoy a long, untouched ride down. The accessibility here is ideal; in many places in the area around Riksgränsen, both on the Swedish and Norwegian side, the climb begins directly by the road or after a short hike. At a leisurely pace that fits the group, the guide will lead you to the top, describing the area and building anticipation for the upcoming ride down. In clear weather, the views are extraordinary. The peak for the day is chosen according to the weather and snow conditions.

This is a open group activity, were several different people can sign up. This means that the tour of the day will be adapted to the group. Do you have a specific tour in mind we recommend that you book a private guide or talk to our booking department to get more information.