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Sunrise Zen Husky Tour

Jullebovägen 2, Kiruna
Snowdog Sunrise zen husky tour
Snowdog Sunrise zen husky tour

Sunrise Zen Husky Tour


Experience Lapland’s unique, amazing, breathtaking, vibrant, crystallised pastel colours. An adventure made quintessential when coupled with a powerful, cuddly and beautiful team of Alaskan Huskies. A morning never to be forgotten!

Our Sled Dog Kennel is approx 17km outside the main tourist centre of Kiruna. We will collect you from your hotel and bring you to our Husky Kennel, only a few kilometres from the world-famous Ice Hotel and Torn River. Our Husky trails are outside the main tourist areas, so it is rare we should see anyone else except the occasional Reindeer. First, we will ensure you are dressed warmly enough for the cold weather.

Our guides will show you around the kennel and explain a little about our huskies. We like to let everyone get involved if they want, and that helps you get to know your super friendly Husky team before we head out into the frozen Lappish wilderness.

Your guide will drive you on a big sled pulled by 12-14 mighty Alaskan & Siberian huskies. You will sit back and enjoy the thrilling ride as we glide into the sparkling snow under the Arctic Sunrise through the enchanting Poikkijärvi Woods.

On this remarkable Sled Dog Tour with us, you will travel through the glistening snow-covered forests across frozen lakes and swamps. You are enjoying a taste of the winter solitude in the polar morning, and we will briefly stop to allow you to take in the fantastic scenery.

When we arrive back at our husky camp, you can thank your husky team by giving them a tasty chunk of raw meat, which they love. You can warm up in our fire hut and enjoy a warm beverage and snacks! If we have time left before departure, you are free to take more pictures of the dogs and play around with them.