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Midnight sun hike in Abisko

STF Abisko Turiststation, Abisko
Midnattssolsvandring i Abisko

As Abisko lies 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, we enjoy Arctic daytime from the beginning of June, which means the sun doesn’t set! It’s still above the horizon at midnight! We can hike in nordic alpine terrain under a sky glowing with red and yellow light.

After a short walk, your midnight sun experience begins in a chair-lift, gliding slowly and quietly upwards with mountain scenery as your panorama. Eventually the chairlift reaches STF Aurora Sky Station and from there, at 900 meters elevation, you will start the 2 km hike to the summit that sits at 1164 meters elevation. Along the way we do multiple stops where you get time to enjoy the view and listen to the guide that tells us about the history of our surroundings, from ice age to northern light hotspot.

At the summit we celebrate the accomplishment with a well-deserved drink and some local snacks, and if the weather allows, we get to enjoy all this in the beautiful glow of the midnight sun. Soon after midnight we start the hike back down to the chairlift that will take you down you Abisko Turiststation.