Unsafe snow conditions in the mountains

There are unsafe snow conditions and thus an increased risk of avalanches in large parts of Norrbotten's mountain chain. Be careful if you intend to go out into the mountains and stay updated!

Svenska flaggan


Snowmobile, Sustainable

Snowmobile adventure

vandring i Sápmi
Hiking, Sustainable

Gáisi – Mountain hike in Sápmi


Icehotel restaurant

Northern lights, Snowmobile, Sustainable

Northern lights safari on snowmobile

Snowdog arctic afternoon eco experience
Dogsled, Dogsled, Northern lights

Arctic Afternoon Eco Experience

Snowdog Sunrise zen husky tour
Dogsled, Dogsled

Sunrise Zen Husky Tour

Northern lights at Laxforsen
Northern lights, Northern lights, Snowmobile, Snowmobile

Chase the northern lights on snowmobile

Skotertur med Arctic dogsled adventure
Snowmobile, Snowmobile

Snowmobile tour with lunch

Ice fishing, Snowmobile, Sustainable

Ice fishing adventure with snowmobile

Adventure, Sustainable

Challenge Park

Arctic Dogsled Adventures drive your own dogteam daytour
Dogsled, Dogsled

Run your own dogsled on a daytour with Alaskan Huskies

Arctic dogsled adventures övernattningstur
Dogsled, Multiday tour, Dogsled, Multiday tour

Dogsled tour with overnight at wilderness camp

Det dukade bordet på icehotel designat av Anna Öhlund Photo Erik Nissen Johansen. Design Anna Öhlund
Food experience, Sustainable

The Art[ist]ic Table

Snowdog Aurora zen husky tour
Dogsled, Dogsled, Northern lights, Northern lights

Aurora Zen Husky tur

Reindeer sled, Sámi, Sustainable

Vuoján – Reindeer sled excursion

Esrange Visitor Center

Esrange Visitor Center

Restaurant, Sustainable

Icehotel – The Veranda

Ice sculpting, Sustainable

Icehotel Ice Sculpting

Arctic Dogsled Adventure coffee tour
Dogsled, Dogsled

Short tour with Alaskan Husky

Skotertur Arctic dogsled adventure
Multiday tour, Multiday tour, Snowmobile, Snowmobile

Three-day trip with snowmobile

Foto. Johan Adermalm
Reindeer sled, Sámi, Sustainable

Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

Snowdog Sunset zen husky tur
Dogsled, Dogsled

Sunset Zen Husky Tour

Arctic Dogsled Adventure week tour
Dogsled, Multiday tour, Dogsled, Multiday tour

Week tour with your own dogsled

Skidtur med fika på ICEHOTEL
Skiing, Sustainable

Cross country ski tour with Swedish fika

Arctic Dogsled Adventure three days tour
Dogsled, Multiday tour, Dogsled, Multiday tour

Three days dogsled tour

Multiday tour, Summer fishing, Sustainable

Grayling fishing in Luspen

Paradise Lapland skotertur norrsken
Northern lights, Snowmobile

Guided northern lights tour by snowmobile

Reindeer Lodge

Reindeer Lodge

Beatrice Holmberg
Sámi, Sights, Sustainable

Márkanbáiki Sámi open air museum

Boatride, Sustainable

Icehotel Torne River Rafting

Miessemánnu med Nutti Sámi Siida
Sámi, Sustainable


Privat fisketur med fika
Summer fishing, Sustainable

Private fishing tour with coffee



Snowdog polar sunrice eco experience
Dogsled, Dogsled

Polar Sunrise Eco Experience

Multiday tour, Snowmobile, Sustainable

Private snowmobile overnight tour

Dogsled, Dogsled, Northern lights, Northern lights

Northern lights dogsled tour

Sustainable, Wellness

Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual

Food experience, Sustainable

Icehotel Wilderness Dinner Spring/Summer

Sights, Sustainable

Visit Icehotel – Entrance

Summer fishing, Sustainable

Oaggut – Set out and fish

Food experience, Sustainable

Icehotel Wilderness Dinner

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