Gösta Fries/STF


Paths, Trails and Roads That Take You Out Into the Countryside

A hike in Kiruna can mean so much. It is a journey for your senses as well as a physical journey towards a geographical goal.

If you hike along the King’s Trail in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, you will experience some of the most beautiful natural environments that Sweden has to offer. Clear, deep lakes, rivers and brooks with water so clean that you can just fill your cup and drink. The trail is a 400 km adventure stretching from Abisko to Hemavan. Abisko is one of the places where you can begin and end your journey. Take a day trip or stay overnight in a tent or in one of STF’s cosy mountain huts.

High Mountains and Deep Valleys
In and around Kiruna there are high mountains where the snow remains like icing on the tops and reminds you of the latitude that you are at. There are deep valleys where reindeer graze and eagles circle high above. There are hiking options that will suit most people, from beginners, those who wish to stretch their legs for a couple of hours, to advanced week-long hikes with camping in uncharted terrain.

Majestic, Ever-Changing Scenery
Experience the lush Abisko National Park and the Kebnekaise mountain range. If you’re looking for a challenge you can take the opportunity to climb Sweden’s highest mountain, with or without a guide. Discover the vistas of Lapporten and the seven-league lake Torneträsk. Top it all off with a bite to eat on the mountain Nuolja. Let your legs work, your mind rest and your soul float freely.