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Abisko – a place for light experiences

The village’s northern Sámi name Ábeskovvu means “the forest by the great water”, where “the great water” refers to Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake Torneträsk. Here lies Abisko National Park which is 7700 hectares, the beautiful and easily accessible mountain Njullá and Abiskojåkka that flow through the valley, Abisko is also the starting point for the world-famous King’s Trail.

For millennia, the area has been home to the Sami who followed herds of wilds between the forest land and the mountains. They hunted and fished in the area. Remains of the pitfalls used for reindeer and moose are still visible today. You can also see traces of old hearths and tipi places.

Abisko National Park was founded in 1909 as one of the first in Sweden. A few years earlier, the railway was built from the mine in Kiruna until the ice-free harbor in Narvik where the iron ore could be shipped off. During the construction, the navvies created small communities along the emerging railway. The hiking trail “the navvy road” which was used to transport material is a memory from that time.

Here is also Abisko Natural Science Station located where researchers from all over the world study climate change and perform other nature research in the Arctic environment.

Abisko National Park has a rich animal life in all seasons and most mountain plants can be found here. Njullá is sometimes called the “flower mountain” because of its flower richness. The very rare orchid patch is one of the rarities.

Abisko town, where most homes and grocery stores and petrol stations are located, is usually called Abisko East. Here you will also find Abisko Mountain Lodge, where you will get a good nights sleep and enjoy delicious slow-food at Restaurant Brasseriet. STF Abisko Turiststation is 3km away, in Abisko West. In the KRAV2-certified Restaurant Kungsleden you eat good food with a magnificent view of Torneträsk on one side and the Abisko Alps on the other side.

What you can do in Abisko

Aurora Sky Station
Can be visited both summer, autumn and winter. With cable car you go up to the Njullá mountain where Aurora Sky Station is located and offers a fantastic view of the National Park, Abisko, Torneträsk and famous Lapporten. During the winter you can see the Northern Lights dance over the sky while the midnight sun lights up the night in the summer.

In Abisko there is vast nature to take part of. You can easily adapt your hike to how much time you have and how demanding hike you want. There is everything between a half-hour excursion to a multi-day adventure along the King’s Trail. Abisko Canyon is easily accessible and should be visited by anyone staying in Abisko. Walk and discover the mountain on your own.

Naturum Abisko
Here is a fixed exhibition about Abisko National Park, its geology, flora, fauna, climate and cultural history. The staff will be happy to help with tour tips and information about the area. In summer, they offer guided tours and other activities. Read something in the library or take part in lectures and slide shows. There is also a children’s corner where the children can play. Read more about current programs and opening hours!

Skiing / snowshoeing
In February, Nuolja Offpist opens for downhill skiing with magical views. There are also nice excursions to do with tour skis or snowshoes. A short trip goes to the marble quarry or Nissunjåkkas canyon or a slightly longer trip that takes you to a cozy cottage spot inside the high mountain valley Kårsavagge. The area between Abisko and Narvik also offers countless peaks to climb.

Northern Lights
Abisko is considered one of the best places on earth to see the northern lights. This is because the area is in rain shadow from the Atlantic’s humid air and often has clear weather. There are many guided activities to attend to experience the Northern Lights. One tip is to join a photo tour with professional Northern Lights photographers and perpetuate the memory of the spectacular heavenly show.

Guided activities
Abisko may be a small village but the range of guided activities is great. We recommend the following companies which are based in Abisko and offer guided tours of all kinds from dogsled, snowmobile, skiing to hiking, photo and the Northern Lights.

STF Abisko Turiststation    |    Outback Abisko    |   Abisko Mountain Lodge   |   LapplandMedia & Photoadventures

Custom accessibility
From Naturum visitors with special accessibility requirements can choose different ways to get out in the nature. One can choose the yellow-marked trail to the canyon and the national park symbol. You can also choose the green marked to a rest stop and fire place down by Torneträsk’s beach.

Where to stay in Abisko:
STF Abisko Turiststation – hotel, cabin or hostel.
Abisko Mountain Lodge – hotel and cabins.

Distance from Abisko to:
Kiruna 94 km
Björkliden 11 km
Riksgränsen 39 km
Narvik 84 km

This is how you get to Abisko!

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Mountain Information
When you are in Abisko, you can stop by the Mountain Information desk at STF Abisko Turiststation which is manned by experienced guides who can give you suggestions about interesting tours you can take in the area. The guides can tell you about outings you can do on your own, activities you can book, or answer general questions about our mountains.

Feel free to stop by or contact send an email to: