Foto: Jessica Nildén

One of Europes’s most scenic train journeys is here!

The train ride between Kiruna and Narvik is often declared one of Sweden’s most beautiful train rides. The Brittish newspaper The Guardian has now ranked ten of Europe’s most scenic train journeys where Stockholm-Narvik made the cut. 

Riding the train is a sustainable way of travelling. The Guardian writes:
Go in summer when the night barely gets dark and you can watch the hypnotic passing of forests and lakes from the comfort of a snug berth. Travel in winter and you may see the night sky illuminated by the northern lights. The train takes nearly 19 hours to cover the 1,000km journey up eastern Sweden,
crossing the Arctic Circle into Lapland, squeezing between mountains and Lake Torneträsk before finally heading into Norway.

So book your train ride to the north today!

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