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Are you visiting Trollsjön?

June 2, 2022
Genom Kärkevagge till Trollsjön

Soon it will be time for the inauguration of the long-awaited parking lot adjacent to the E10, but there is still a little too much snow left for hiking. In June, work will continue on the final details for the inauguration, which will take place in early July.

Now the last things are being completed and the hiking trail is redirected towards a safe railway crossing. Follow signs and marked trails.

Trollsjön is a very popular excursion in summer and many cars have often been parked along both sides of the E10. In 2021 the construction began of a parking lot, bus stop and windbreak in connection with the hiking trail towards Trollsjön and Låktatjåkka.

Welcome to visit Trollsjön but please be attentive and careful in the vicinity of the work area as long as the work is in progress. Respect signage and roadblocks.